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Largely happy with the service provided but less happy with the charges (e.g. charging for 5 minutes of time for sending an email with a new case number when I send in a new change request!). Communication is generally good but more continuity among the dev team would make the work more efficient (I have had to answer questions relating to work done just a few weeks earlier because different people are dealing with the new request - again, we are charged time for these sorts of communications). We also had a struggle recently when we lost time that cannot be carried over at the end of the month because QGate had been too busy to do the work requested. In the end, the time was carried over in full to the following month when the work was carried out but we should not have had to ask for this, let alone have to fight for it! Were it not for these time/cost issues, I would give an 8/10 score. – Please use the box below to give us a reason for your score.

  • 6/10 – On that basis, how likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

24 Aug 23