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I do not think that the problem we experienced was really resolved since it was random and has not returned the ticket was cancelled. So it may return? There a few things that do not make using the program as flexible we would like. For example: Submitted a request for a quote to add the Priority Field in the Intelli_CTi Call Wrapup screen. The quote was too expensive for what seems to be a simple customization or something that should be an option for the customers (add fields). Unable to print print a report for the call history. Things that perhaps should be standard with the program. – Please use the box below to give us a reason for your score.

  • 5/10 – On that basis, how likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

23 Mar 22

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Many thanks for responding to our survey your comments are noted and we will be in touch to discuss further

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