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We have had the same technical issue since 5/14/20 that made CTI unusable. App crashed after every call was hung up. It is now 7/8/20 and we are still unable to use CTI. On 6/19/20 a patch for the 5/14 issue was given to us but it introduced another issue that made CTI unusable. The patch was not tested because if it was the issue would have been caught. The patch fixed the crashing issue but made CTI unable to end calls. It has been almost another month with no update and our company has lost productivity due to poor software releases. Having a product that our company relies on not be functional for nearly two months is unacceptable. The best part is that Qgate knew of this issue back in February of 2020. We had two users with the CTI crashing after the call was hung up issue but I had to give those two employees new computers to fix the issue. Qgate did not troubleshoot the issue further. If Qgate was proactive they would have looked further into the issue and we would not be dealing with this mess of a software program. – Please use the box below to give us a reason for your score.

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As discussed, this investigation has taking longer than usual and the regularity of our communications have slipped on this occasion, which we are rectifying.
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