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QGate support quickly found the cause of the issue and told us how to fix to our Production issue. The only thing that should be improved is that the first person that answered my call told me that I could be contacted on Monday, which is not appropriate when a customer is calling because of a production issue that is preventing users to work. In such a situation, I would expect the answer to be that a QGate Support representative would contact me in a few minutes. – Please use the box below to give us a reason for your score.

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Hi Marcos,

Thank you for the feedback you have provided. It is much appreciated

During the first call, the Technical Services member did indeed overstate expectations.
Although the timeline suggested during your call was incorrect, it is clear that after your call, the staff member escalated this and enabled a call with the Product manager within 1 hour of the case being raised.

We are sorry for any confusion caused by the initial response.

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